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Knowledgebase : Trainz Simulator 3 Mobile

Creating or logging in to your MyTrainz account in Trainz Sim 3 Tap Radial Menu > Main Menu > Select Route Tap Content Store Tap "No MyTrainz Login" Tap "Create Account" if you do not already have a MyTrainz Account and complete the form. NOTE: YOU...
Trainz Simulator 3 is now available for purchase through the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore. If you have pre-ordered in the Apple AppStore, your pre-order will be charged automatically by the AppStore and you will now be able to install the Trai...
How to get your free loco for signing up to the newsletter For a limited time you can get a free loco for Trainz Sim 3 by signing up for our newsletter here []. You will need to create a MyTrainz account wh...
How to place a train in Trainz Sim 3. Process as at August 2021 (subject to change as we update things over time) * Load any session in the route where you wish to drive your own trains * Tap Radial Menu > Main Menu * Filter on Trainz, Locomoti...
Some Android devices fail to mount the game data files on the file system when running the game from a secondary user account. To workaround this install and run the game from the primary user account.
You can purchase DLC items directly from the menu or from Content Store. To access Content Store, tap the top right Radial Dial button. Tap Main Menu > Routes > Content Store Select an item to purchase and tap the Price button The authorisation wi...
To activate the AI driver, simply long press on the locomotive, then tap on Drive. To stop the AI driver, simply long press on the locomotive again, then tap on Stop. Note, it is recommended to avoid doing this when stopped at stations.