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Knowledgebase : Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022

This article provides a step by step guide to updating your current Trainz build to a new build. GUIDE TO UPDATING YOUR BUILD - WINDOWS: * Start Trainz * Click on Trainz Settings > Install tab > Check for Updates * If a patch is available, click ...
Knowledge Base for TRS22 is currently under construction. Meanwhile, please use the TRS19 Knowledgebase articles which, in most cases, should assist you.
All Steam TrainzPlus Gold subscribers will have full access to all DLC items automatically. See How do I install my purchased DLC [] for detai...
All Steam TrainzPlus Standard subscribers will have access to the TANE, TRS19, TRS19 Platinum, and TRS22 builtin content and routes. These are provided as individual 'DLC' downloads for you to download when you wish to. See How do I install my purchased...
All content that is Builtin in Trainz will be shown in the status column of Content Manager as either 'Built-in', 'Built-in, payware', or 'Base'. These assets are part of the core Trainz installation and cannot be uninstalled. All content included in th...
Up to date as at October 2022: The KSC2 route is MPS now has content from all the TRS22 built-in routes enabled. There is a known bug where some users with additional content installed will see an error message upon loading. e.g. : Content set i...