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Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022 Platinum Edition FAQ
Posted by N3V Games (Zec) on 22 August 2023 04:06 PM

What is the Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022 Platinum Edition?

  • TRS22PE is a major upgrade to TRS22 adding new features and content.
    It includes the five new TRS22 routes, five bonus DLC routes and a range of new locos and passenger cars.
  • TRS22 is the successor to TRS19 and includes a number of new features previously available exclusively in our Trainz Plus version including Unified Driver/Surveyor (UDS), Multiplayer Surveyor (MPS) free tier and new Effect Layer tools.
  • TRS22PE adds the biggest feature update ever with the inclusion of Surveyor 2.0 (S20).
  • TRS22PE is available for purchase from the Trainz store, or is included as part of our Trainz Plus Standard and Trainz Plus Gold Membership options.
  • TRS22PE is compatible with the majority of content from older versions of Trainz including Trainz: A New Era and TRS19 routes and DLC content.

Where can I purchase the Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022 Platinum Edition?

The Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022 Platinum Edition can be purchased through the Trainz Store or through the Steam Store.

What additional Routes are in Platinum Edition?

Routes Included:

  • Coal Country
  • Potteries Loop Line
  • Canadian Rocky Mountains Ottertail to Castle Jct.
  • Andrushivka - Vinnitsa UZ
  • VR Healesville - 1913-1920

How do I access the TRS22PE Features, Routes and Locos?

You can find details on how to install additional DLC content into Trainz here.

What are TRS22PE Hardware Requirements?

  • You can expect similar performance in TRS22PE as in TRS19 or TRS22.
  • To find out if TRS22PE will run on your computer visit our Trainz Wiki.
  • For additional questions please check the Additional Trainz FAQ page.

Are there TRS22PE Regional Editions available?

  • Not currently. Orders are available for the TRS22PE full edition only.

What additional Locos are in Platinum Edition?


DLC Locos Included:

  • ICE 4
  • UP AC4400CW
  • CP AC4400CW
  • BR Class 50
  • CNJ G3s Black & Blue
  • CNJ P47
  • NSW Class 81
  • PN 81 10+
  • PN 81 12+ T1
  • PN 81 12+ T2
  • PN 81 12+ T3
  • PN 81 12+ T4
  • PN 81 22+
  • VR V T2 FL Black 1
  • VR V T2 FL Black 1 Ten
  • RJCC QJ 2008
  • IAIS QJ 6988
  • IAIS QJ 6988 Pre-2011
  • IAIS QJ 6988 2018
  • CHN QJ Classic
  • CHN QJ Early
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