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There is a bug in the current TRS19 build, when the language is set to Russian, that may cause Trainz to hang when loading the Sessions menu. Our team is working to resolve this. Until an update is released to resolve this issue, you can work around thi...
Public Release Versions If you are experiencing an issue with a public release of Trainz, please use the search function (using keywords of four letters or more) to search for an answer to your issue. If you don't see an answer to your question here, ...
This error means your system is not able to communicate to the MyTrainz server. The most likely reason is you have the "Disable Online Features" option selected (if you are using the Deluxe Box edition/"DRM Free" version of TANE). Uncheck this option ...
If you are seeing the 'Starting Trainz' window appear either momentarily (i.e. disappears, then nothing happens), or for a very long time (i.e. more than about 20 minutes) after clicking on Start Trainz, then please ensure that your computer does meet the...