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Finding your System Specifications
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 24 July 2015 11:46 AM

PC Users

To find out your system specification, you need to run a program called dxdiag

  • Click on the Windows Start Menu, type in dxdiag and click on dxdiag under the Programs heading.
  • The diagnostic tool appears in a new window and may take a minute or so to run the diagnostic tests. 
  • The System Tab shows your Operating System, Processor (CPU), and whether DX11 is installed.
  • Next, click on the Display Tab to find your Graphics Card

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to have DX11 installed, but not have a graphics card that supports DX11 features.

To find if your graphics card supports DX11, we suggest you type the name of your card into Google Search and add "+DX11" then review the articles that appear e.g.  GeForce GT 630 +DX11

For some graphics cards, the version that your graphics card supports may be shown in the 'display' tab in DXDiag in the 'DDI Version' section on the right. If this shows 10, 10.0, or 10.1 then it indicates that your graphics card only supports up to DirectX 10. If this shows 11 or higher, then your graphics card may support DirectX 11.

Here is a list of supported DX11 cards

Mac Users

Click on the Apple icon and click "About This Mac"
Check the Mac OpenGL capabilities of your system here.


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