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Knowledgebase: General
Common Trainz Terms - Glossary
Posted by on 08 August 2013 09:21 AM

Aa to Bz

AI Train OR AI Driver
Artificial Intelligence 'Driver' manned Train. A train which is controlled by a program, script, commands, scenario, etc and not by the user. In many ways AI trains are the Trainz equivalent of the NPC's (Non-Player Characters) found in many computer games.
Any object used in Trainz, for example a layout, a tree, a signal, a locomotive or a pantograph. There are many more types of assets. Each asset has a KUID.
The Australian company which developed and publishes Trainz.
Another name for a Rule. "behavior" as the parameter of the kind tag in a config.txt file specifies that the asset is a Rule.

Ca to Ez

Cabin Mode. The more realistic and more challenging of the two driving modes in Trainz.
Content Manager Plus. The asset management system in TRS2006 and Trainz Classics.
config.txt File
Each asset has a config.txt file which specifies many of its properties.
Digital Command Control. The simpler of the two driving modes in Trainz. The term comes from the world of model railways.
Digital Elevation Model.
An asset which is required by another asset in order to make it operational. For example a locomotive requires (amongst other things) an enginespec.
Download Station. Auran's huge repository of additional assets for Trainz, created by the program's users.
Driver Command
An instruction which can be given to an AI train in a Driver session. Driver commands can be specified when the Session is created in Surveyor, or by the user when the Session is running.

Fa to Jz

First Class Ticket. An option sold by Auran which provides access to DLS without the normal download speed and allowance restrictions.
The programming language, based on "C", used to create scenarios and scriptable assets for Trainz.
A third-party freeware program which can be used to create 3D models for use in Trainz and other programs.
Hand Of God. A utility and associate textures which can be used to import terrain data into Trainz.
Head Up Display. That part of the screen which displays information such as your current speed.
The standard Auran interactive industry system (which includes passenger stations).
In the context of Trainz, the game engine developed by Auran and used by Trainz. Unrelated to the Microsoft Jet database system.
Just Trains
The company which distributes Trainz in the UK.

Ka to Po

Koolthingz Unique Identifier. A reference number for an asset.
A modified version of the KUID format which allows a version number to be specified.
Logistics And Resource System, a commodity/freight transportation system for Trainz created by Lars Ljunberg.
The terms layout, map and route are synonymous.
Left mouse button. This abbreviation is widely used in the Auran documentation.
Left mouse button+Hold down.
Left mouse button+Hold down+Drag.
  • Variants of LMB actions will also sometimes include /pressing+holding the Shifting keys [CRTL] and [SHFT].
Level Of Detail. A system which displays more distant assets with less details.
The company which distributes Trainz in the USA.
A 3D object to which textures can be applied.
Level crossing (US English: grade crossing).
The number of polygons an assets has, which will largely determine its effect on Trainz' performance.

Pp to Sc

Anything consumed or produced by an industry, including passengers which are "consumed" and "produced" by stations.
Another name for a Driver session. "profile" as the parameter of the kind tag in a config.txt file specifies that the asset is a Driver session.
A layout or other feature which is intended to accurately depict reality, rather than a fictional or fanciful place or object.
Pro Train Perfect. The name under which a version of TRS2006 was sold in Germany.
Rail Driver
A physical control panel manufactured by P.I. Engineering which can be attached to a computer and which mimics that of a real locomotive.
Right mouse button. This abbreviation is widely used in the Auran documentation.
RS Part
Rolling Stock Part. A dependency required by a rolling stock asset, such as a bogie (US English: truck).
A command in a Driver session. The inclusion of Rules and their parameters is specified when a Driver Session is created in Surveyor.

Sc to Zz

GameScript coding associated with an asset such as a rolling stock item or an industry. Not all assets have scriptlets.
Service Pack. A free update to a program.
Trainz Download Helper. A sub-program of Trainz used to download and install additional assets.
A 2D image which can be applied to the sides of a 3D mesh.
Trainz Objectz
A third-party freeware asset management utility for TRS2004.
Trainz Railways
The name used in the UK for Trainz Classics.
Trainz Railwayz
The name used in the USA for Trainz Classics.
Ultimate Trainz Collection. An 3CD version of Trainz 1.3, with extra content CD's and PaintShed, superceded by TRS2004.
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