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TRS19 on Steam shows 'package installation failed'
Posted by N3V Games (Zec) on 27 January 2021 10:51 AM

There is currently a known issue with the Steam edition of TRS19 which will cause the error message "Package installation failed to provide any of the expected packages for resource 'steam:(ID number)'." to occur. This is being looked into by the Trainz team, however to work around this currently, please follow these steps:

1) Locate the DLC pack in the Content Store
2) Click on 'Install' if it has not been installed
3) When you see 'View Error', click on 'View Error' then click on 'Cancel'
4) The DLC pack will show the 'install' button again, you can ignore this at this point.
5) Now start Trainz, or Content Manager, and see if the content in the DLC pack is installed. Note, using the 'list featured assets' option on some older DLC packs may show older versions of the assets which may not currently be installed.


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