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Patch failed: failed to download installation data
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 29 March 2016 12:55 PM

The TANE online installer can produce the following errors:

1. Failed to open output file

Full error message is Patch failed: failed to download installation data from '': Failed to open output file. Result: -7. Path:

To resolve this issue, please create the "N3V Games" folder in C:\Program Files\N3V Games prior to running the Installer.

Steps to create this folder:

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files
  • Right-click on the Program Files Folder and select New > Folder
  • Rename the folder from "New Folder" to "N3V Games" (without the quotes)
  • Ensure the path looks exactly like this: C:\Program Files\N3V Games
  • Run the installer again and the 7.7GB installation file will then be downloaded

2. Failed during download.

Full error message is Patch failed: failed to download installation data from '': Failed during download. Result: -6. Path:

This error occurs when the file download cannot be completed. It is possible that either there is insufficient space on your hard drive, or that your drive is formatted as FAT32 which is limited to 4GB files.

If your drive is formatted to FAT32 you can reformat to NTFS or install to a drive that is already formatted to NTFS. 

Once downloaded and installed on the other drive, you will still be able to copy the install onto your FAT32 drive since the installed program does not include files over 4GB in size.

3. Unable to create installation data temp folder.

Full error message is: "Unable to create installation data temp folder. (result: -10, dst:'C:/program File/N3V Games/Installer')"

It is likely that another program (Adobe Acrobat is one known culprit) has turned off access to the temp folder. The solution is to give all rights to the folder /local/temp for "system" "administrators" and "current user" then rerun the installer.

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