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Knowledgebase: Managing Content
Missing Dependencies for Built-in Content or DLC
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 30 December 2015 05:35 PM

Sometimes your TANE installation can become corrupted. This generally happens when content is moved manually rather than using the in-built Import tools, but can also happen during patching or after a game crash.

NOTE: A new installation (including newly downloaded DLC) should never have any Missing Dependencies if correctly installed. It is more likely the install is not complete.


Please follow the steps below to rectify missing dependencies with a new install or after patching:

  1. Shutdown TANE (Do not force quit as this process can take 5 minutes or longer in some cases - check it has shut down completely by checking Task Manager)
  2. Restart TANE - a database repair may occur and the problem may be resolved
  3. If a database repair does not run automatically, manually do a database repair by clicking the Developer Menu on the Launcher menu, then Rebuild Database
  4. Restart TANE
  5. If the issue still exists, then you will need to create a new local data folder by following this guide.

If these steps fail, the next step is to reinstall TANE from your DVD/USB or if you have the digital version, in most cases, the latest version of TANE available can be found by logging in to your MyTrainz account.


Please follow the steps below to rectify missing dependencies with newly downloaded DLC items:

  1. Open the TANE Launcher then go to Trainz Settings > Install Tab
  2. Highlight the Local Data Folder path name (e.g. C:\Users\<pcname>\AppData\Local\N3V Games\TANE\build 7uiv95001) then use Ctrl-C to copy the path to your clipboard
  3. Close all TANE windows to shutdown TANE (Do not force quit as this process can take 5 minutes or longer in some cases - check it has shut down completely by checking Task Manager)
  4. Open a Windows Explorer window, and use Ctrl-V to paste the address, then hit Enter
  5. Click on the "packages" folder which will show a list of DLC folders. (The Date Modified column will show you the latest DLC item downloaded)
  6. Delete the appropriate folder or folders (e.g. SC237)
  7. Next, navigate to the Cache folder and delete the entire cache folder.
  8. Open the TANE Launcher and click Developer > Rebuild Database
  9. Allow this to complete (which can take 5-10 minutes if you have lots of content installed)
  10. Then click File > Download Purchased Items
  11. Click Start Trainz
  12. The Asset Download window will now appear with all non-downloaded items showing.
  13. Select the items to download.
  14. Once the file is downloaded, if it is not immediately be available for use, close the game window and Start Trainz again (you should not need to run a db rebuild).

Deluxe Routes:
You can find a list of the ID numbers for all DLC packs here
Note: There will be more than one folder for some DLC packs - ensure you delete all versions (e.g. sc274d, sc274d_0 etc)


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