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Trainz: A New Era DLC Pack IDs/folder names
Posted by N3V Games (Zec) on 03 April 2018 02:47 PM

Each DLC pack for Trainz: A New Era has it's own ID, which will be used as part of the name of the folders in the Packages folder in your LocalData. The IDs for each DLC package are listed as follows:


CNJ Blue Comet TDD029
BR Duchess Class TDD035
Contz Pack - Basic Edition TDD042
Contz Pack - Standard Edition TDD043
PRR T1 Fleet of Modernism TDD045
SPSF Mojave Pack TDD047
China D38 Schnabel Full Pack TDD049
China D38 Schnabel Car - Grey TDD050
China D38 Schnabel Car - Red TDD051
LMS Coronation Scot TDD054
EMD Aerotrain TDD060
Chinese Electric SS4 SC026
Chicago & North Western GE C40-8 SC033
Conrail - GE C40-8 SC034
Burlington Northern Railroad SD60 SC052
Burlington Northern Railroad SD60M SC053
Burlington Northern Railroad SD70MAC SC054
BNSF Railway SD50M Heritage SC061
BNSF Railway SD70Mac Executive Patch SC063
BNSF Railway SD70Mac Heritage SC064
BNSF Railway SD70Mac Heritage 3 SC065
Conrail C30-7A SC077
Conrail EMD SD60 SC079
Conrail EMD SD60M SC080
Conrail EMD SD70MAC SC081
Conrail EMD SD80MAC SC082
CSX Transportation GE B30-7 SC083
CSX Transportation GE C40-8 SC086
CSX Transportation EMD SD60M YN3 SC095
Trains DLC: Nickel Plate High Speed Freight Set SC118
CSX Transportation - EMD SD80MAC YN3 SC229
SNCF - AGC Languedoc SC234
ATSF Railway GE C40-8W SC238
BNSF Railway - GE C44-9W Heritage 1 SC239
BNSF Railway - GE C44-9W Heritage 2 SC240
BNSF Railway - GE C44-9W Heritage 3  SC241
BNSF Railway - GE C44-9W WarBonnet SC242
Canadian National - GE C40-8 SC243
Chicago & North Western  GE Dash9 44CW SC244
CSX Transportation GE C40-8W SC245
CSX Transportation EMD SD60 SC246
CSX Transportation EMD SD60 YN2 SC247
Indiana Railroad - EMD SD9043MAC SC252
Norfolk Southern - GE C40-8 SC255
Southern Pacific - GE CW44-9 SC262
Union Pacific - GE C40-8 SC264
Milwaukee Road - Avery Drexel SC274
Season Town SC284
Bidye Traction Railroad SC298
USRA Light Pacific SC312
Duchess BR Express Blue SC313
JPN Tokyo Metro 08 SC332
SNCF Class BB 75000 SC335
VR M Class 4-4-0 - Early 2 Tone Green SC350
RVSX Vegetation Control Train SC354
Amtrak P42DC - Phase V SC355
Amtrak P42DC - Phase III SC356
Amtrak P42DC - Phase IV SC357
Amtrak P40PH 2 Pack SC358
Willamette & Pacific SD7 #1501 SC360
Healesville Christmas Train 2015 SC365
Laaers Car Transporter SC366
Trainz Route: Mojave Subdivision SC367
Trainz Route: Balezino Mosti SC368
Trainz Route: Fall Harvest Nebraska SC372
Trainz Route: Settle and Carlisle SC379
NS SD60E First Responders SC382
Newcastle Shunter SC383
C&O 2-6-6-6 H8 - New River Mining Coal Run SC384
Trainz Route: Canadian Rocky Mountains - Columbia River Basin SC386
Laadgs Transporter SC388
The Flying Scotsman 1920s SC389
Trainz Route: Niddertalbahn SC390
NS SD60E - 6920 Veterans Unit SC393
AVMZ Intercity 71 SC396
Trainz Route: Chiyoda Branch Line SC398
Hccrrs Car Transporter SC399
GT GP9 2 pack SC401
CN GP9 Phase I and II SC402
ITC GP7 Phase I & II SC403
PRR GP9 2 pack SC404
VR DD Class (Type 2) SC408
DBuz 747 Passenger Cars SC409
ATSF GP38-2 Santa Fe SC410
VR DD Class Type 4 Canadian Red Pack SC424
Trainz Route: Canadian Rocky Mountains - Rogers Pass SC425
Trainz Route: Andrushivka Vinnitsa Uz SC427
US Atc Class S 160 Steam SC430
Quinnimont Coal Drag SC431
Shmmns Coil Transporter SC432
Trainz Route: Shortline Railroad SC433
Trainz Route: Legacy of the BN II SC434
Lichachove To Mosti Day Passenger 432 SC435
Lichachove To Mosti Night Passenger 435 SC436
BNSF GP38-2 Pumpkins 2 Pack SC440
Trainz Route: Cornish Mainline & Branchlines SC441
Trainz Route: Coal Country SC444
Orient Express Ciwl SC447
Co17 4373 SC448
Co17 4173 SC449
VR D1 Class Type 4 Newport Black SC451
ZecRail Christmas Train 2017 SC452
Co17 4174 SC453
Co17 4171 SC454
Co17 1471 SC455
Co17 1171 SC456
Co17 3173 SC457
Te7 083 SC458
Te7 1072 SC459
Te7 2068 SC460
Co17 1374 SC461
Co17 3373 SC462
NS SD40-2 SC463
NS Maersk SD40-2 SC464
SLSF (BN) GP50 SC465
BN Phase 1 GP50 SC466
Tnfrhs Refrigerator Wagon SC469
PRR X23 Boxcar SC471
TMR17 Route: The Shortz & Kerlz Traction Railroad TA359
TMR17 Route: Japan - Model Trainz TA369
TMR17 Route: Flanklin Avenue Industrial TA370
TMR17 Route: Appen TA373
TMR17 Route: Port Zyd & Fulazturn Railroad TA374
TMR17 Route: Brazemoore Yard TA381
TMR17 Route: Bea-Dawe Model Railway TA406


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