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Submitting Console Logs on Mac
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 27 November 2015 11:42 AM

Some issues are hard for us to resolve without seeing some more Mac OS X system details. To help us in this process, we may ask for logs from Console, a utility that tracks diagnostic information.

Console is found in the Utilities folder, located in your Mac's Applications folder. You can also launch Console by using Spotlight.

Steps to Export Logs from Console"

  1. Launch Console.
  2. If Show Log List is in the top left corner of the toolbar, click it. This will display a pane on the left side of the Console window. (If Hide Log List is in the left corner of the toolbar, you can ignore this step.)
  3. In the left pane, under the heading System Log Queries, click All Messages.
  4. Choose File > Save a Copy As... and save the file.
  5. Send this exported file to us at
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