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Which version of TANE is DRM-free or “offline”
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 03 August 2015 04:57 PM

The Trainz Store boxed edition (Deluxe Edition only), and previously the Kickstarter Box Edition (Deluxe and Collectors Edition), are DRM free. This means that it can operate offline and will never require a connection to the DRM (digital Rights Management) server to authenticate your product ownership.

Instead, this build uses a Product Key (serial number) to provide authentication.

Also the Steam build has an option to go offline (Steam client > Steam menu > Go offline > restart Steam.

The KS Box version can be updated to TANE SP2 (via SP1); you can find further information on updating TANE here. To update to this version currently requires a Planet Auran username to be entered in order to connect with the auto-patch server and to download the patch file.

Whenever this version is patched, the Offline Mode will remain functional. To use the auto patch or online patch installer, you will need to turn off the Offline Mode option.


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