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Bonus content – How do I get my pre-order locos?
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 03 August 2015 04:45 PM

The additional locos are awarded to pre-order customers and certain Kickstarter backers. The USRA Light Pacific and BR Blue Duchess will appear as downloadable items in the “Download window” which appears in-game once you have installed and authorised your build.

If you do not see the download window appear, click Launcher > File > Download Purchased items, then Start Trainz.

To see if the locos are already installed, open Content Manager and search for USRA or Duchess.

If you can see them in Content Manager then you have managed to download them in-game. Once you have achieved this, follow the below instructions on how to use them in-game.

The names of these Locos & Tenders that appear in-game are:
– USRA Light Pacific
– USRA Light Pacific Tender
– DR Duchess Blue
– DR Duchess Blue Tender

To start driving one of these (or any locomotives) in the game you can “Create” or “Edit” a “Route” or “Session”. This will take you to Surveyor (our Trainz world editing tool).

Create or Edit Route Create or Edit Session


Once you are in Surveyor, navigate to the “Trains” tab (or the shortcut key is “F7″) and then search for one of the pre-order loco or tender names above to find the bonus loco you are after.

Loco Listing

When you find it you just click on the name in the listing and click on any track within the world to place it down.

Place Locomotive on Track

Once the locomotive shows on the track you can click on the “Quick Drive” button located in the top left-hand corner of the screen, on the right of the “Main Menu” button.

You can also use the Quick Drive shortcut key which is “CTRL + F2″.


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