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Creating a Session for your DLC locomotives in TANE
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 28 July 2015 11:45 AM

All Downloadable Content (DLC) for TANE is downloaded and installed seamlessly in-game. There are no downloads required from the Simulator Central store or serial numbers required.

You must log in using the same username as used for the purchase.

If your loco doesn't have a session already created in Kickstarter County, you will need to create your own session to use the loco. Follow these simple steps:


  1. Choose your favorite route
  2. Click View Sessions
  3. Select Create Session
  4. Click on the Content Search Filter (top left of the menu bar)
  5. Type in a keyword like blue" for Blue Comet
  6. Click on the Trains tab - only items with "blue" are now showing
  7. Select your loco and place on the track
  8. Add other locos and rules if required (see the manual for more detail)
  9. Click Quickdrive (top left of the menu bar) to begin your session.

USING QUICKDRIVE: (if a consist is included for your loco)

  1. Choose your favorite route
  2. Click View Sessions
  3. Select Quickdrive > Drive Session
  4. Click on the New Train menu option in the Quickdrive Window
  5. Scroll through the list to find your loco and select it
  6. Click on the track to place the consist (ensure you have sufficient track length)
  7. You are now ready to drive.


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