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Knowledgebase: Trainz Plus
MPS Error - Content set is missing dependency
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 22 October 2022 02:32 PM

Up to date as at October 2022:

The KSC2 route is MPS now has content from all the TRS22 built-in routes enabled. There is a known bug where some users with additional content installed will see an error message upon loading. 

e.g. <NULL> : Content set is missing dependency <kuid:-10:172> for asset <kuid2:830162:429105:2> ('GD BR 429 Suewex A')

Depending on which items you have installed, the error may be different and the solution may be slightly different. 

The issue occurs because there are older or newer versions of a required asset in another package in your install, and so the system [incorrectly] attempts to load the other version of the asset (causing the error to show).


  • Search for the missing asset in Content Manager
  • R-click and List Asset versions (even if the item shows as Unknown)
  • If there are other versions of the asset shown as "Available on DLS", then download the latest one 


If the above solution doesn't work, then a fresh local data folder with just the 5 x built-in routes should resolve the problem.

We're working on a fix to prevent this error which requires that we rebuild all the DLC content with the latest content set.



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