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Knowledgebase: Managing Content
Re-Installing DLC Packs for TANE and TRS19
Posted by N3V Games (Zec) on 03 April 2018 01:54 PM

If a DLC pack is not loading correctly (i.e. shows missing dependencies), then we would suggest suggest that you try re-installing the DLC pack using these steps:

1) You will need to locate your appdata folder. You can find the path to your appdata folder in Launcher > Trainz Settings > Install. The path will look something like C:/Users/%username%/AppData/Local/N3V Games/TANE/build xxxxxxxx for TANE or C:\Users\<pc name>\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs19 for TRS19 (this will look different on Mac)
2) Shut down Trainz and ensure that tane.exe or trs19.txt had ended (check in Task Manager no other tane.exe or trs19.exe processes are running)
3) Navigate to the LocalData folder location from the Trainz Settings, and open the “build xxxxxxxx” folder or the folder that your install path was pointing to
4) Now open the folder called 'Packages'. Please locate all folders starting with the ID number of the DLC pack in the Packages folder, and then delete them.
5) Once you have deleted these folders, please try running a database repair.

To do this, first click on 'developer' on the launcher screen, then click on 'rebuild database'. Once the repair has completed, please start Trainz and then you should see the 'asset download' window appear, which will allow you to download these routes again.

You can find a list of all available DLC pack IDs here (if it is not listed, then please contact the helpdesk and they will be able to provide it).

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