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TMR17 Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 17 November 2016 10:22 AM

What is TMR17?

Trainz Model Railroad 2017 is a stand alone product that focuses on "model railroads" rather than more prototypical routes traditionally seen in train simulators. You can read more about this concept in this blog post.

Can I buy TMR17 physically (DVD or USB)?

TMR is currently digital only. You can download onto one PC, and transfer to another PC via USB or external drive if required.

How big is the installer?

The full install is ~4.5GB. At release we will offer both an online and offline installer.

Does TMR require an internet connection?

TMR requires you to be online when you first launch the product, but you do not need to be online all the time. You have to also be online if you have a break for more than a month or so and restart the game.

What do I get when I buy TMR17?

In addition to the stand alone Trainz Model Railroad 2017 program all purchasers also get allocated the same content set as DLC items for TANE SP2. This means that owners of TANE can pre-purchase TMR17 now and then switch over to DLC using their TANE SP2 version once it becomes available (expected in early 2017).

If I already own TANE - should I buy TMR17?

The TMR17 content set is also available as Downloadable Content (DLC) that is compatible with TANE SP2. Since TANE SP2 is currently in beta testing, the DLC cannot be used with TANE until the SP2 version is released (public release expected in early 2017).

Can I use TMR17 to accurately model my physical layout?

The intention of TMR17 is to allow people to drive, operate and create virtual model railroads. While there is support for importing Track Plans, and support for "fixed track" components, the product design is not geared towards recreating accurate model layouts.

What benefits are there for existing Trainz owners over TANE?

TMR17 provides a fresh look at Trainz from a very different perspective and a whole new set of content. There are 22 brand new sessions providing over 50 hours of enjoyment, plus new tools and templates to enable creating your own model railroad layouts. These smaller, more compact layouts are much quicker to build and, according to community feedback, much more likely to be completed than larger, more ambitious "prototyundertakings.

What are M120 templates and how do I use them?

These templates included with TMR17 provide a standardized template to ensure the when merging one M120 layout with another. Since the tracks enter and exit the baseboard at the same place once you merge two layouts you simply need to connect the track spline and drive for one "world" to another. You can find out more on this forum thread.

What is Basemapz and how do I access it?

Basemapz is a utility that allows you to import a 2D Track Plan image into Trainz and then use that image to assist in laying out your track and various track and scenery objects. You can download it free from this link.

What is the trainz-build number for TMR?

TMR is trainz-build 4.4. This means that content made in TMR cannot be imported into TANE SP1. (TANE SP2 will be 4.5)

What are the error-checking requirements for TMR?

Error checking and validation changes with each trainz-build. New validation checks are required for new features, and we may also introduce better validation on older tags to help content creators avoid (and identify) errors.

My trains are getting stuck on tight corners. What do I do?

Some locos can have difficulty negotiating the tight bends when in DCC mode. Simply click on User Rules Menu then Quickdrive and choose the in-cab mode. This will enable you to drive with more power.


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