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TANE Patch Installer
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 24 December 2015 12:07 PM

Prior to running this installer, we strongly recommend you make a back up of both your install folder and local data folder.
The path to your local data folder is shown in Launcher > Install tab.

Patching TANE using the SP1/SP2 patch installer: (this information also applies to Hotfix Patches post-SP1)

  1. Download the new SP1 patch installer from this page  or the SP2 patch installer from this page, or the SP3 patch installer from this page. The online patch installer on either page can install all current TANE updates.
  2. Double click to run the application
  3. Choose "Run Anyway" if Windows warns you about unrecognized apps.
  4. Click "Change Targets" and navigate to your install folder then select the TANE.exe (this is the version you are patching FROM)
  5. Click "Open" to continue
  6. Check the path selected is correct, then select "Next"
  7. Enter your MyTrainz Username and Password
  8. Click "Change Stream" if required (generally this will not be required, so leave as Public)
  9. Click "Next"
  10. After the "Checking for available patches" message, check you are patching to the correct version then click "Apply patch"
  11. Click "Yes" to allow changes when prompted by UAC
  12. Next steps will be "Reading configuration" then "Checking Target" which can take several minutes depending on patch size
  13. The patch will then begin downloading. (Internet speeds vary, but some users have reported downloading 8GB in 15 minutes)
  14. When it has downloaded, the message Patch Complete will appear - congratulations, you have now updated your build.

NOTE: If there is more than one update available, and you are using the online installer, then you may need to run the installer several times to install all current updates.

NOTE: DVD Box Editions require the "Enable Online Features" box to be ticked for this process to work. You must also restart TANE after ticking the box for the settings change to take effect.

Possible errors:

1. Patch not viable - Checksum mismatch.

This error means that your data has been modified in some manner not expected by the patcher and cannot be patched. You will need to try either patching from an older backup version of TANE or download the latest full version from your MyTrainz account. (i.e. Create a new install rather than patching your old one). Note that you can import your content from the existing build to your new install.

2. Failed to read source

This is most likely an Internet Connection error - click the Retry option and it should work the next time.

3. Invalid patch target selected 

This indicates you have selected the wrong TANE.exe. This is possibly because you have two version of TANE installed (e.g. your original install and your SP1 install).

Locate the correct version of TANE by running TANE.exe from the install folder and confirming the build number that shows on the Launcher.
e.g. you may have builds in C:\Program Files\N3V Games\Trainz A New Era and C:\Program Files\N3V Games\TANE

4. "Some installation files are corrupt" error

This means the offline patcher has not been fully downloaded. Please redownload the file and retry.

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