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Disk 2 does not work
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 04 August 2015 08:55 AM

Disk 2 is a dual layer "DVD9" disk (9GB to fit all the extra data on). Unfortunately this means it requires a higher precision in the calibration of the DVD drive laser and a clean disk surface.

Please follow these steps to get the data off your disk and to install Trainz.

1. Using a microfiber cloth (like used to clean your spectacles) and some Windex cleaner, clean the shiny side of the disk in a circular motion around the whole disk.

2. Allow the disk a few seconds to dry

3. Create a new folder on your desktop called Install

4. Place Disk 2 into your DVD drive and use the "Open Folder to view files" option

5. Copy the files from Disk 2 into your new Install folder on the desktop.

6. If all the files do not copy onto the hard drive, try the cleaning process again, checking for any fingerprints or blemishes around the edge.

7. If you still do not succeed, if possible, try a different computer as some DVD readers are better than others. 

8. If you cannot get all the data off the disk, please contact helpdesk. We will arrange for you to either download the remaining files or send a replacement disk.

9. If you are successful in downloading all the files into your install drive, repeat the operation above for Disk 1 (copying the files into the same folder on your desktop) then run the setup file from the Install folder.



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