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Installing TANE Platinum Edition
Posted by N3V Games (Paul) on 05 October 2017 10:56 AM

This article provides a step by step guide to installing TANE SP2 "Platinum Edition" using the DVD installer.

NOTE: This process installs TANE Standard Edition version and then your DLC is downloaded in-game after registering your Product Key via MyTrainz. 


Step 1. 

Insert the DVD Disc into your DVD drive

Step 2.

Double-click TANE Installer.exe to begin the installation process. The following screen will appear:

Installer 1

Step 3.

Click Next and the following screen will appear:

Image 2

Step 4.

Read the Agreement and if you agree to the terms, click Agree and the following screen will appear:

Image 3

Step 5.

The default location is as shown above. If you're happy with the default location for your installation, click Next.

Otherwise change the name to a folder name that doesn't exist.

NOTE: If this folder already exists, your install will show the following warning. 

Image 4

We recommend that you click Cancel and then change the name (e.g. to Trainz A  New Era Platinum) then click Next.

Step 6.

When you see the screen below, click Install to begin copying the installation files to your harddrive.

Image 5

Step 7.

This step checks the data file on the Disc.

Image 6

Step 8.

The Installer will then continue copying the data to your harddrive, then show "Installing" and finally "Install Complete".

Step 9.

When complete, the following window will appear. 

Image 9

Step 10.

You're now ready to follow the Registration guide to register Trainz and unlock your bonus DLC content.


1. "Path not viable: Filepath already exists"

This error indicates you are trying to install TANE SP1 into a folder that already contains an installation. Please create a new folder for this installation of TANE.

2. "Patch Failed: failed to copy source data to: "

Ensure that you inserted Disc 2 and selected the correct file (patch-2.bin) then clicked Next to continue copying data off the install disks. 

3. "Unable to create installation data temp folder" (result -10)

This error is due to a windows permissions issue. The solution is to manually create a new Folder as follows:

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files
  • Click New Folder (provide administrator permission when prompted)
  • Type in the name of the folder as "N3V Games" (i.e your new folder path will look like C:\Program Files\N3V Games)
  • Now run the Installer.exe again



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